Alberta Real Estate: What's really going to happen?
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Alberta Real Estate: What's really going to happen?

  Friday July 22, 2011 by Peter

I came across this article from Don Campbell, the President of the Real Estate Investment Network™, and Cutting Edge Research Inc. in Business Edge paper May 6 edition.  It explains the future of the Alberta market and the theory applies to every market in the world.


You can find the article on the archive section ( of Business Edge, May 6, 2011 and on Page 23 of the PDF.


Also a similar post from Don Campbell can be found on his website.


If you haven't read anything by Don Campbell, he is an amazing researcher and author.  His book "Real Estate Investing in Canada version 2.0" is a great book for beginner and experienced investors.  I recommend his book to all of my friends who want to get involved in real estate investing.

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